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This hat pattern is the easiest of all of my recent patterns. There are no fancy techniques in it. It all knits in-the-round, from top down. The only thing you're supposed to be familiar with is decreases&increases and basic short rows.

There are three width sizes in the pattern; all aimed to fit an average adult's head. There’s no need to pick a size in advance; you can decide on that as you knit to a certain point (and by that point you will alreay know what your gauge is). The length is totally adjustable.

Why I gave it this title? Because it resembles me the slowest brainwaves - delta waves, which our brain produces in a deep, dreamless sleep. I can't promise that you will be able to knit this hat while you sleep, but your brain won't get overheated with this pattern.


- 50g (200m) of fingering-weight yarn:40g (160m) of selfstriping yarn; 15g (60m) of contrasting color;

- 2.5mm circular needles with metal tips;

- tapestry needle to weave in ends;

- pompom. Make one or buy one from a craft store.

Gauge: 25 sts by 30 rows in 10 cm (plain stockinette).



    You will receive this pattern as a digitally downloadable PDF. Due to the nature of the product, downloadable patterns are not returnable or refundable. All sales are final.

    If for any reason, you missed the link to the download in your email, please contact me via the chat form on this website; don't email.

    The download links expire in 30 days after purchase.

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