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There is one Russian saying: the all new is the long-forgotten old, That saying perfectly describes the situation with the Firebirds mittens. This pattern was among the first designs I published loooong time ago. Later, I designed The Birds of Paradise,  in which I used some elements of the Firebird mittens, so that I "retired" the old pattern thinking that nobody would even remember it existed. I was wrong! I get asked about the Firebirds mittens all the time. So, I have searched through some flash drives I have and I found the PDF. I couldn't find any pictures though, but luckily, there are still some left on Ravelry.

The mittens are 64 sts wide around, and can be knit with fingering-weight (for extrasmall or children's size), or with sport-weight (for most adults). Recommended needle size 2.0-2.5mm for fingering-weigh or 2.5-3.0 for sport-weight.

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