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This pattern was created in collaboration with Sosulka. She is a new designer, a dear friend, and a family member. I am authorised to post her patterns here, and will be responcible for customer support for this pattern too.


These mittens can be knit with fingering or sport-weight yarn.
Both mittens are the same, and the pattern repeats itself on each side of the mitten. The side thumb makes a fox’s tail, that is visible on both sides too. A few stitches on fox face are embroidered with duplicate stitch.


Fingering- or sportweight yarn:

- about 50 g of white (200m),

- 30g (120m) of orange

- 15g (60m) of black

- circular needles, 2.0 – 2.5 mm, depending on your gauge

- tapestry needle for embroidery



approximately  35 X 40 in 10cm with fingering-weight and 2mm neeldes for size small

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