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Mosaic Peacock

Mosaic Peacock

This nonstranded colorwork sweater features unusual construction and technique. As the title suggests, one of its main features is mosaic colorwork yoke, which is knit sideways, and then seamed (there is just one short seam). The stitches for the neck and the bottom are picked up along the edges of the yoke. The rest of the sweater is seamless and knit in the round.
The pattern is available in three sizes. All three of those are started the same, from the sideways-knit yoke. You don’t have to pick the size before you start knitting; you will get the idea once you’ve finished several feathers. For the same reason, this sweater can be knit with any weight yarn ranging from fingering to DK. The gauge, too, can vary a lot, that’s why I don’t specify it. One thing about the gauge is important, especially for the yoke – it should be loose enough for the fabric to drape. Any stiffness will kill the pattern.
Also, because this sweater is knit top-down, the length of the sleeves and body can be determined on the go. I won’t say how many centimeters you should knit those – you decide how long you want your sweater to be to fit you perfectly.

Skills required:
short rows, decreases/increases, mosaic knitting.
Please note that I made some minor changes to the pattern after knitting a prototype. You won’t really notice what those are, but I have to mention that.

Patterns related to this one: Royal Peacock and Princess Peacock.

Suggested yarn
from fingering weight to DK


аny gauge - designed for any gauge. Read the pattern description

from 1203 - 1531 yards (1100 - 1400 m)
Sizes available
Three sizes available. Please read the description.

    You will receive this pattern as a digitally downloadable PDF. Due to the nature of the product, downloadable patterns are not returnable or refundable. All sales are final.

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