Starry is a sweater of unusual construction. The yoke is made from modular elements; but all of them are knit-on each other; all are worked in-the-round from edges to the center and therefore do not require seaming.

The rest of the sweater is also worked in-the round.

Techniques used: increases and decreases, short rows, and pickin-up stitches from the edge (there's alot of picking up in the yoke!).

Please keep in mind that the fading color on the prototype on the photos isn't described in the pattern. I had to combine five different colors because I didn't have enough yarn.


For sizes A, (B, C, D, E, F, G): you will need fingering-weight yarn (aprox. 400m/100 g) in the following amounts (meters) solid/selfstriping: 1000/400 (1150/410, 1300/420, 1450/430, 1600/440, 1700 /450, 1850/460).

If you want stars to match, you will need more selfstriping yarn. How much more de