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Modular-knit seamless hat, in two sizes. This hat is easier to make than Constellation because there are fewer elements.


- 50g (200m) of fingering-weight yarn:

40g (160m) selfstriping,

and 10g (40m) of solid;

- 2.5mm circular needles with metal tips;

- tapestry needle to weave in ends;

- optional: one pompom. You can make one, or buy a pompom from a craft supplies store.

- optional: washable fabric glue to secure the knots.                                                                

Gauge: With fingering-weight yarn and 2.5mm needles, one hexagon measures  8.5-9cm wide between sides.

Size: With 5 hex around, the hat measures approx. 24cm wide laying flat; 6-hex hat  - 28cm. The height of the hat is 22-24cm. You can make it longer by knitting a longer ribbing.


    You will receive this pattern as a digitally downloadable PDF. Due to the nature of the product, downloadable patterns are not returnable or refundable. All sales are final.

    If, for any reason, you missed the link to the download in your email, please contact me via the chat form on this website; don't email.

    The download links expire in 30 days after purchase.

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