This sweater is a close relative of my Starry. It features the same technique with modular stars, but this time it knits faster. It also allows for more colorplay; you can knit the yoke with a different color.

I used Vesper sock merino for the stars (can't remember which colorway that was), and Tosh light Citrus for the top yoke. The blue yarn used for the sleeves and body is 6/28 T&D cashmere from Colourmart.



For sizes A, (B, C, D, E, F, G): you will need fingering-weight yarn (aprox. 400m/100 g) in the following amounts (meters) solid top ' solid bottom/selfstriping: 200/8000/400 (220/930/410, 240/1060/420, 260/1190/430, 280/1320/440, 300/1400 /450, 1320/1530/460).

If you want stars to match, you will need more selfstriping yarn. Exactly how much more? -that depends on how many repeats there are in the