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Irises Meadow

Irises Meadow

I don’t know if I am unique, but I get stuck on making thumbs when knitting stranded mittens. Honestly, I have a bag full of thumbless pairs (((.

So, to make my (and probably somebody else’s ) life a little easier, I designed these mittens with patternless thumbs. Another big plus is that the thumbs can be made any size and placed anywhere (I mean higher or lower). The mittens themselves are easy to knit, too - patterned part is about 1/2 mitten high.

I included complementary Irises Meadow allover pattern in the PDF.
The chart was designed specifically for Aade Long yarn (my daughter wanted a sweater with irises), but will look beautiful in any contrasting solids as well. Use it in hats, sweaters, pillows, anything.


  • 250-300 sportweight yarn
  • 2.5 - 3.0 mm short circular needles
  • stitch holders (optional)


  •  28 X 35 = 10cm in stranded colorwork, knit in the round.


  • size depends on gauge. Mittens are 60sts. around the hand part.





    You will receive this pattern as a digitally downloadable PDF. Due to the nature of the product, downloadable patterns are not returnable or refundable. All sales are final.

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