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Jasmine is nonstranded colorwork pattern. It is knit primarily with garter and slipped stitches, but has the appearance of colored lace. To make it more lace-like, knit it on large needles / looser gauge.
You can make anything rectangular, a wrap or a scarf.
For the prototype 5 repeats wide (30 cm wide with the edges, 180cm long), I used 65 g of Zauberball Crazy and 70g of light gray fingering wool. You can use solid or gradient yarn.
The solid color borders are worked at the same time as the patterned panel.
This pattern uses the same slipped stitches technique as Peacock Challenge, Beren, Luthien, and Feathered Up.


    You will receive this pattern as a digitally downloadable PDF. Due to the nature of the product, downloadable patterns are not returnable or refundable. All sales are final.

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