A half- to 3/4 of a circle shawl with a garland of flowing colored lines/branches at the edge. The fabric is practically double-sided, with the wrong side arguably even more beautiful than the right side.

Technique-wise it is all garter and stacked stitches. For stacked pattern, this one is rather simple, but you need to use the right tools and materials: the yarn must be non-splitty, smooth and tight-spun, the needles - with sharp tips (steel needles work best).

The sweater on one of the photos shows an example of how this stacked pattern can be used, but the PDF is for the shawl pattern only.


You will need: at least 3 colors: 400m of the background color A;

 300m of color B for the stacked pattern (I used 3 different colors),

and 200m of color C for the outline. You can add more colors in place of color A in between colored branches.

- circular needles with long wire, 4.0 or 4.5mm thick.

Gauge: 22 stitches and 28 rows = 4 inches in plain garter.

The stacked pattern repeat gauge: from 4.5cm wide at the top, widening to 8.5-9cm at the bottom. Each “branch” is 6cm tall.

Size: the shape is between half-circle to ¾ of a circle (depends on gauge difference between plain garter and stacked pattern): with 50 cm drop and 260cm orb length on the outside edge.